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Our water is sourced from the Claysmore Spring near Vermilion, Alberta. The Claysmore Spring has been treasured by our family and local residents alike for almost a hundred years. This spring has provided an excellent source of cold, clear, soft water bubbling out of the ground since it was discovered by settlers of the area.

Early family diaries tell of a spring source where the flow never seemed to change – winter or summer, flood or drought, day in and day out, – a testament of the depth and purity of the spring.

Our grandfather, John Stewart never forgot the cold, refreshing taste of the Claysmore Spring water that he knew of as a youth and he dreamed of one day making it his own. When the land surrounding the spring became available, he jumped at the chance to acquire the spring in the early 1990s. Since then the water has been marketed locally in the Vermillion area and has a loyal customer following. However, his dream was to one day make this cold clear delicious water widely available to Albertans. Although John passed away in 2014, his dream lives on and has inspired his grandson, Callum Ramsay and his business partner, Josiah Hoogendoorn to found Claysmore Pure Ltd.

Our Vision

To provide this delicious, locally sourced artesian spring water direct and pure from that very spring, without any compromises on quality.


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