ProductQty 1-10Qty 10-30Qty 30+Special Products
3 Gallon Spring$4.5$4$3.5
5 Gallon Spring$5.5$4.25$4.10
3 Gallon Reverse Osmosis$4.25$4$3.5
5 Gallon Reverse Osmosis$5.25$4.25$4.10
3 Gallon Distilled$4.5$4$3.5
5 Gallon Distilled$5.5$4.25$4.10
Bag Spring Ice$4$4$3.75
Brick Spring Ice$4$4$3.75
500mL Spring$2$1$0.90
3 & 5 Gallon Bottle Deposit$10$10$10
New CoolerModel Dependant
Reconditioned CoolerModel Dependant
Bulk Spring Pickup$0.75/Gallon
Big Tuna Bag of Ice$8 Walk-In
ProductQty 1-10Qty 10-30Qty 30-50Special Products
Per Gallon Spring$1$0.85$0.82
Per Gallon Reverse Osmosis$1$0.85$0.82
ProductQty 1-5Qty 5-10Qty 10+Special Products
3 Gallon Spring$9.5$8$7.25
5 Gallon Spring$9.5$8$7.25
3 Gallon Reverse Osmosis$9.5$8$7.25
5 Gallon Reverse Osmosis$9.5$8$7.25
3 Gallon Distilled$9.5$8$7.25
5 Gallon Distilled$9.5$8$7.25
Bag Spring Ice$5$5$4
Brick Spring Ice$5$5$4
CoolerNo Charge for Delivery
Bulk Spring Delivered$1.50/Gallon
Big Tuna Bag of Ice$9 Delivered

Custom label 500ml Bottles

Great for Weddings, events, trade shows, shows, brand awareness, promo product availability, etc. We proudly bottle our spring water and now we can make it yours! Any quantity!

  • Paper Name Tag Style Labels
  • Full Wrap Labels

We can bottle on demand at your demand, we can store and label as you need because we understand some locations do not have the same storage space as others or demands but think they will use many over a long period of time so bulk labels can be produced. We print our name tag style labels in house. Any full wrap labels are printed by a local Sherwood Park area 3rd party. We wash, fill, cap and label by hand in our facility right here in Sherwood Park. Call us today to have us quote up some promotional labels for your needs today. WE ARE THE CUSTOM LABEL BOTTLED WATER COMPANY WILLING TO DO BOTTLING DIFFERENTLY!

Coffee and Tea Service

Coffee and Tea service is now here! We are proud to announce the addition of coffee and tea service to now serve our customers in store or on our delivery routes with coffee machines and everything involved from the filters to cups, from generic cost-effective to high quality, premium dark roast organic coffee. We want to bring the simplicity of water and coffee and tea all in one to serve you better. Our coffees and teas will also be available in store. Please contact us for a detailed list and idea of what we can offer you. Coffee and tea always hot and available in store, complimentary of Callum and Jo.

We Provide Delivery For All of Our Products

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A glass of water with ice

Spring Water

The most pure water sourced from the Claysmore Spring near Vermilion Alberta.


Landscaping Rocks

The Claysmore Spring provides many naturally beautiful products such as our landscaping rocks.

Spring Ice

Straight from Mother Nature’s source, our spring ice is made from the purest spring water.

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